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El Molino de la Cerrada ( Accommodation, Castril)



Location: Castril: MAP

Population: 3067

Altitude: 959  metres


The municipal of Castril is situated in the north eastern region of the province of Granada,

147 kilometres from the capital, 27kms from Huéscar and 48kms from Baza. 

Castril adjoins the Province of Jaén with the Sierra de Cazorla to the west and Santiago to the north.  Three nearby towns include Castilléjar, Galera, Pozo Alcon and Cortes  de Baza. 

The population of Castril de la Pena is made up of locals living in the local communities of Almontaras, Campo Cebas, Fátima, Fuente Vera, Tubos, and Cortijillos.


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