El Molino de la Cerrada ( Accommodation, Castril)

Castril, is located in the Granada Province and lies north east of Granada itself.  The river Castril runs alongside an old Flour Mill which over the centuries supplied the village and surrounding area.  One of the ways that El Molino can be accessed is via the river walk known as Castril Gorge Walk (El Paseo Colgante). At the end of this walk you will come to an area of natural beauty. Also you can get to it by car.
The old water mill of the rio Castril is protected at the foot of the natural monument of the Rock... 

This is a special place and offers a panoramic picture of the monument “The Rock of Castril de la Pena”.  The accommodation is illuminated by nightfall and reflections form and sparkle on the building and the river itself creating a magical atmosphere.  You will be able to sit and listen to the continuous running of the water in the river that runs alongside the accommodation whilst enjoying natural surroundings.


In Summer you will be able to swim in the river, since its cristalline water is opened for swim.




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